“The Local”! A play set in a local pub.

We love working on new writing and on plays that fit our space perfectly. We are now launching a playwriting competition to find a brand new play that we will stage in the upstairs bar of The Crown Inn, Oxted.

We are accepting scripts for production in our Autumn 2017/2018 season on the theme “The local”. The play will be performed in the upstairs bar of the pub and so must not have a large, complicated set (other than the bar itself which can be used within the performance).

So get down you local and start writing!


The competition is open to anyone.

We are happy to receive scripts from 30 mins – 2 hours as if we find 2 good shorter plays we will combine them into one evenings entertainment.

What to submit:

  • A brief synopsis
  • A short insight into your inspiration. Where did your idea come from?
  • At least one scene (we will accept full or partially complete scripts)
  • Character/Casting breakdown – Maximum 3 actors

How to apply: 
Please email scripts to threadbaretheatrecompany@yahoo.co.uk

Deadline: 16th June 2017

Other useful information

There is no fee to submit scripts.

We will reply to every script that is submitted but cannot guarantee to give detailed feedback and won’t enter into any further correspondence if your script is unsuccessful.

The winning play will be produced by Threadbare Theatre Company and performed at The Crown Inn, Old Oxted and will be directed by Artistic Director Lucy Linger. The writer will receive an equal share of the profits with Lucy and the actors. All up front production and venue costs will be covered by Threadbare Theatre.

We are committed to producing theatre from anyone and everyone with a great story to tell and a yearning to tell it.

All work submitted remains the intellectual property of the writer. The work must be that of the writer or writers and the writer must own all relevant rights to material included.


Theatre makers!

Are you looking for a venue to bring your show to? We are now inviting visiting companies to perform at our venue.

Please contact Lucy Linger at threadbaretheatrecompany@yahoo.co.uk with a show proposal. We are always keen to see new work so please send us details of where we can see a sample of your work or send a short video.

We operate on a Box office split only rather than a hire fee, meaning we are all committed and motivated to selling the show and making a profit for all.

Please note space is limited to small scale productions only. Ideally casts of 3 or less




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